Changing my life right now!

My name is Alexander Kromchenko, I’m 31 and I decided to change my life! Recently, I was interested in web development and design. This is really what I like and what I want to do. You may ask why just now? I am not sure why didn’t I dare to take this step earlier, but I am very glad that I began to engage in this matter. I graduated from university with a degree in organization management. I worked at an industrial enterprise as a mechanic, then as a manager. I tried myself in the trade. Once my wife and I were offered to become owners of a large Internet resource in our city, and this was the impetus for the development of a previously unknown activity, I liked it so much that I decided to go for HTML5 / CSS3 courses and began to gradually delve into this area. Now I am taking JavaScript developer courses. Honestly, it’s much harder than the layout of the sites, but nevertheless I do my best to gradually improve my professional level!

I have a wonderful family: my wife Anna and my four year old son Maxim! This is the most important side my life. My family brings joy and love to my life. I love sports especially football. I am a big fan of Dynamo Kiev football club. I love outdoor recreation, fishing and playing chess. I love tasty and cold beer. I love sweets but I don’t like to get fat 🙂

My goal is to become a highly qualified web developer and designer and never stop there.